Poison in your matress or your babies crib!

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What is your mattress made of.. and what has been sprayed on it. How about your babies crib mattress…?

I recently came across this site with some info that will scare you very much.
Please read the article for the sake of your healthcare as well as your infants and speak up.
The time is now to be heard.. We all need to put our voice and votes forward. The world is being run by greedy money hungry medical companies, looking to make us sicker for there profit. If you don’t believe me. Just read through some of the articles on this site. Then look around and read some of the ingredients in your home. You will see that on a daily basis you are absorbing and consuming numerous TOXIC chemicals.

Is there any reason why we are sicker now than ever and cancer and other disease is such a profitable business!

Please read this article. Send your local government official your complaints. Speak up. Lets save what is left of our dying, messed up world.

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Posted on: January 1, 2007

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